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 Tell us about your new album? 

I’m ecstatic to have a new album as the last one I recorded was in 2008. Sixteen years ago. It's a mix of dance, Mid tempo and some covers and ballads.

 Where did you record the album? 

I recorded the album in London, Wood Green at a place called Select Studios with producer Paul Miles who owns the studio

 How can people get the album?  

The album is available from Energise, I Tunes, Amazon and all good online sites. 

 Do you still enjoy making music as much as you did? 

I absolutely love it! I still have a strong passion for going out and performing.

 Do you have any plans to tour your music in the future? 

I'm currently doing the circuit of shows called Love the 90's. 90's baby and several festivals across this year. 

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