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 What made you decide to do porn? 

I grew up in "Porn Valley" . I went to Chatsworth High School which is right in the middle of it all. There was always an ongoing joke on who would end up doing porn after high school. I remember I had gotten approached about doing porn when I freshly turned 18 but I declined the original offer from Helix Studios. I had already amassed a large following due to my career as a competitive cheerleader. I grew popular on tumblr posting PG17 images and grew a liking for exclusive Helix model Evan Parker. We flirtatiously chatted on twitter and he convinced me to do my first scene with him for Helix in 2014 (Before POV and amateur films became trendy we called it "Real Cam'' where we filmed with handheld cameras and go pros. It was my first time ever filming an adult film but I felt the most comfortable because it was someone I had a real life crush on and it was a one on one experience. I knew that if I was going to do it I wanted to commit to it 100% and be the next big thing. I signed exclusively to Helix and shot my first few scenes that went on to sweep at every award show that following year and the rest was history. 

 What are the best and worst parts of doing porn? 

The best part of doing porn I really got to understand and know myself as a whole. I understand my body and I know my boundaries and limits. I know what I like and it provided a safe space for me to experiment. I started in my early 20's. I wasn't super sexually active outside of work so this was a space for me to try things with other professionals. I love getting to be in front of the camera which is why I think I really got into doing porn. I like the idea of someone watching me from the other side of the screen. I can't say I have any "worst parts" of porn I've always thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

 Has OnlyFans/ Just for fans etc changed the porn industry? 

Absolutely. I remember when onlyfans first came around into the business and it was primarily being tested in the waters of the straight adult space and I had heard of people using it (this was back when you could get onlyfans in the app store still) it's grown LARGER than I think anyone could have imagined. It's also changed the lives of so many of the people closest to me. So many people are able to build homes and careers and other investments because of their onlyfans money. I think how small porn valley and the adult space has now become a global phenomenon. It's taken away a lot of the glamour of being on set and creating stars and now anyone and everyone can just work from home. It took a special element that I think was a special time in porn that I'm grateful to have been a part of. 

 How did FleshJack come about? 

I met the Fleshjack team one year at a conference called Phoenix Forum. At this point in my career I had made the move and went edgier in my persona and I signed with Cockyboys, the studio based out of New York City. Jake Jaxson became my full agent and manager so we would go on press tours and meet industry people and he would teach Levi Karter and I how to be professional people within the adult space and make our presence known. We had a sit down lunch with Daniel Harvell who was in charge of signing models and we had an amazing time together. I like to believe it was built off genuine connection and great conversation over a nice lunch that closed the deal. One thing about me is I only like to hear the words yes :)

 You now have an alter ego in Bambi. How did you choose the name? 

Bambi is something that I like to describe my softer side. In porn I show a very more masculine boyish side of myself which I very much have sexually. It doesn't take away the fact that I am still a feminine being and I get to express that through my drag. I'm still dainty and small, soft almost like a fawn like I like to consider myself. I'm a lover boy type that you can cuddle and love on. 

 Are you worried about the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States again? 

Yes of course, I mean who isn't. Anyone in their right mind would be terrified. But I have faith in humanity and love will always prosper.

 How can people follow your career? 

I hope to do more televison and mainstream project but in the meantime you can follow me across all social media platforms @liamrileycb or my drag account @teambambixo for all my links you can check out my website 

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