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 How did you both meet? 

We met on a dating app in 2016. Paul was living in Canada and Matthew was living in Washington state. Paul is an artist and Matthew is a violinist so our first date was a painting lesson and a violin lesson. We have been together ever since!

 Paul - We have checked out your books. They are amazing. How do you come up with the ideas?  

Coming up with creative ideas is a kind of magic, I think. It’s a bit mysterious, isn’t it? My first children’s book, The Pengrooms, was inspired by the wedding invitations Matthew and I sent out before we got married in 2019. I drew two little penguins on the invitations (because penguins are already dressed in little tuxedos) and I jokingly called them “The Pengrooms”. These little guys became quite popular among our followers, and during the lockdown of 2020 I wrote a story and began illustrating my first book. 

 Paul - What are your future plans for the books?  

We have many more books planned! Not just penguins, of course, but many different subjects and characters. Paul’s dream is to turn his stories into animations. 

 Matthew - How did you get into music? 

I’ve been playing the violin since the age of three. I saw a violinist on TV as a kid and according to my parents I was mesmerized! I started lessons shortly there after, and I’ve been playing ever since. 

 Both - Paul Matthew plays lots of pranks on you. Have you ever done a prank on Matthew? 

I’ve tried a few little pranks, but I’m the first to admit they are not very successful. I don’t really enjoy pranking people! It’s not how my mind works. However I really enjoy when Matthew pranks me — it’s always harmless and quite funny. It makes me happy to know my disability can bring some fun and lightness to our relationship! 

 Both - You both seem so happy all the time but you mention that you have down days Paul how do you cope with those?  

We both feel it’s important to feel all the feelings, not avoid them. We have sad moments and we talk about our feelings, sit with them, and let the moments pass like an ocean wave. That’s how all feelings work! I think the best part is having someone to talk to during those difficult times. 

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