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 Tell us about Remembrance Monday? 

Remembrance Monday is a new play written by Michael Batten, it’s a love story but also a psychological thriller that will keep the audience guessing. It’s a two hander, so I’m really excited to get stuck in. We’ve already had meetings with our director , the brilliant Alan Souza & already we are sure the play will be a wild ride the audience. 

 What was the audition process like? 

It was tough, the play is very layered & the scenes we had to work for the audition were intense. But the room felt so supportive & Alans direction is superb, this was a huge reason I felt able to take the project on when an offer came in. You want to make sure you feel supported & in good hands working on material like this, especially with only two actors in the cast. 

Nick Hayes with Co-Star Matthew Stathers

 There is a bath on set and the trailer for the play looks quite steamy are their intimate scenes in the play? 

The whole play is set in Connor & Julius’ bathroom, although it will feel to the audience as though we jump through different locations. In terms of intimacy, at its heart this is a love story, Julius and Connor are fighting for eachother.  I feel very lucky to be working with such a brilliant Co-star in Matthew Stathers. I met Matthew at our press shoot & instantly felt comfortable. The chemistry was clear on our first read, which makes things a lot easier when having to play intimate scenes. A lot of the intimacy you see in the play will be worked through choreography with our movement director Dianté lodge. 

Picture Harry Livingstone

 Where can people see it? 

We will be at ‘the seven dials playhouse’ in Covent Garden from 23rd April through to the 1st June. 

 It's only on for 6 weeks. Are there plans to put it on anywhere else afterwards? 

It’s such a fresh, new piece so it will be exciting to see the reaction & reception. I’m sure there will be life after for the piece. 

Nick Hayes with Co-Star Matthew Stathers

Photo by Danny Kaan 

 What is in store for you after the play? 

I’m shooting a film alongside pre-rehearsals for the play so it’s a crazy busy time, this industry seems to be all or nothing! The film is a Sci-fi Rom com , written& directed by Sam Peter Jackson. it is fantastic & the cast Sam has pulled together are exceptional. So I can’t wait to see what happens with it! 

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