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 For those who don't know you, introduce yourself


Hey everybody! I’m Rhian! That’s Rhian with an exclamation mark for effect  I’m a singer, songwriter and producer originally from Trinidad but I’m based in London now. 

 What made you get into music?


There’s was always music around me growing up. My parents met in the church choir. My dad writes songs. We sang as a family. Music is and has always been my saving grace, my joy, my little escape, my therapy, my everything. I can’t imagine doing anything else now. 


 How would you describe your music? 


Well, ‘I Need Your Love’ is my first release and it’s fun, exciting and a little bit camp. I write how I feel, so I can take you through a spectrum of moods. For example, the 2nd track I recorded is a reggae pop-bop that talks about letting go people who aren’t accountable for their actions in life. So to answer your question in one word… Eclectic!   

 What was it like growing up in Trinidad? 


Trinidad is a beautiful country. However, I grew up differently from most people in my country. My dad is a preacher, so my upbringing was from a religious perspective. I remember my mother taking me to the GP when I was 9 or 10 years old for having a problem. The problem was that I was playing with my sisters Barbie dolls. The doctor told her “Get the boy outside and get him into playing sports.” From that moment and for a very long time I thought that something was wrong with me. I toned down/hid that side of my personality during my teenage years spilling into my adult life. I am happy and proud of the man that I’ve become and I will NOT go back into hiding. 

 Tell us about the song "I Need Your Love"


“I Need Your Love” is about 2 people locking eyes in a club for the first time. It’s flirtatious, fun and sexy. 

It was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever written. I was watching a movie on Netflix and I zoned out into my own world, humming what is now the chorus. I switched off the TV, when to the piano and in just under an hour I had the whole song put together. Lyrics, melody and chords. It’s my first single and it’s magic to me  


 Have you performed at any pride events yet? 


I performed at Pride Barnsley this year. It the first time I performed at a pride event as a solo act. The crowd’s energy was amazing. I want to do more. 

 Are Pride events still important?


A BIG yes. The parties and stuff are fun but educating the folk who aren’t very knowledgeable is so so important. Humans fear what they don’t know and fear makes people act out and react in ways, sometimes unfavorable and unkind. 


 Are you comfortable with your body? 


Right now I am but I wasn’t always. I was the skinny, gawky, awkward guy in school. I take health and fitness very seriously. Without our health we are nothing. We’re no good to ourselves or our loved ones if we not functioning properly. I have been working out 5 days per week consistently for almost 15 years now. 

 What are your plans in the next 12 months? 


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my EP entitled “The Real Rhian!” which I hope to release at the beginning of 2023. I’d also love to perform at as many Prides and festivals across the UK over the next 12 months. I love performing live and connecting with the audiences wherever I go. Lastly, I want to continue growing in my craft as a singer, songwriter and most importantly as a person. 

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