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 What made you set up Awkward Productions? 

We’d been doing a lot of silly, queer things at home so thought why not put it on stage‽ 

 What is the aim of Awkward Productions? 

To do silly, queer things on stage. We feel like we live in such a difficult time in a world increasingly full of anti-queer sentiment, and we want to spread as much queer joy as much as we possibly can.

 How did you both meet? 

Working in an awful tourist trap job in London.

 Tell us all about #UntrueDiana? 

Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story gives us Diana’s story at it *should* have been. It’s full of queer joy, comedy, multimedia, puppetry, audience participation, but also genuine love and affection for Diana. We also talk about the incredible charity work and awareness she did around issues like the AIDS crisis and landmines, whilst also bringing you absolute queer chaos on stage.

 You are taking it on the road due to its success. Where can people come and see it? 

Pretty much everywhere! We’re about halfway through our tour now, but we still have Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Dublin, Nottingham and Farnham to go. Then, we have a very special one-night-only spectacular in London’s Clapham Grand - an iconic 700 seater venue! We’re beyond excited.

 What actor would you most like to work with? 

Linus: My dream would be to have Meryl Streep play my mother. Or lover. I’ll take either.


Joseph: Me too, tbh. I’d like to play opposite Dame Maggie Smith - she could be my lover too if she wanted. How about it, Maggie? If you’re reading this - text me. x

 What can we expect from Awkward Productions in the next 12 months? 

More queer chaos - this time at CHRISTMAS! We’re bringing our new show ‘Gwyneth Goes Skiing’ to the Pleasance, London from December 13th-23rd. It explores Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous court case from earlier this year in a very Awkward Productions way. We absolutely cannot wait. It also marks the first time we’ve performed opposite each other on stage as actors (Joseph puppeteers and provides voices in Diana) so maybe it’ll break us up - who knows? See you in court.

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